A Working Lunch

I’ve met some new friends at work who really enjoy some good food. This is both very great and very, very awful. It is great because I get to hang out with cool new people and savor delicious food pretty much every single day. It’s awful because I spend a buttload of money and I know that I’m eventually going to gain weight from eating like this constantly. I know I have absolutely no trouble eating every single calorie I burn in a day and then some. Balls. Whatever.

Here are some of the best lunches I’ve eaten in the past week or two.

Momofuku’s Milk Bar

Cereal Milk ice cream

Um, holy crap. Stopped into Momofuku’s Midtown pastry location, Milkbar one day after being good and bringing my lunch to work. Obviously I had to get myself a treat for being so good. WHATEVER I’M ALLOWED TO MISBEHAVE. This stuff is infused with real cereal! It tastes JUST like the bottom of the bowl after you’ve polished off a bowl of cornflakes – the perfect mix of salty, creamy, and sweet.

Rock ‘n Roll Deli

Bacon, Brie, and Avocado sandwich

One day, I was talking about how bacon is pretty much the best food in the world with one of my coworkers. He asked if I also like avocado and brie. Pretty sure if bacon’s #1, avocado and brie are numbers 2 and 3. He let me know that there’s a random deli on 6th Ave and 58th that makes him these special sandwiches (by request only) and also gives him a discount. Obviously I had to check it out. This thing was pretty delicious – not something I could eat every single day, but the fresh, buttery avocado paired with melty brie and the pork-y ambrosia of the gods (I’m referring to the bacon in case you didn’t catch that one) is definitely worth treating yourself to. Plus I bet this would be great to replicate at home.

Tina’s Cuban Cuisine

Fried pork sandwich, chicken empanadas

A favorite of Apple employees, Tina’s in Midtown serves up fresh, homey Cuban food. Not quite as good as Habana in SoHo, but it’s more of a streetfood version of Cubano cuisine. The same pal that introduced me to the bacon-brie-vacado-wich also brought me to Tina’s (he’s a good/bad influence depending on how you look at it). The fried pork sandwich was stuffed with lots of yummy fried pulled pork, mayo, and sweet plantains and smothered in Tina’s green sauce, which was just the perfect amount of spicy for me. We also got an order of chicken empanadas, which were fat little bundles of fried delicious that also tasted great with the green sauce. Definitely an affordable lunch in midtown, especially if you split with a friend! Half of a sandwich is more than enough for one person.


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