Local Eats: Butcher Bar

ImageI proudly represent Astoria, Queens. Anyone who says it’s just too far needs to hop their ass on an N, Q, or R train (for 15 lousy minutes) and experience all the awesome food Astoria has to offer. Like Butcher Bar, which serves up the TASTIEST fresh, local, grass-fed meats this side of the East River.I always leave this place feeling like the fattest fatty who ever fatted, but it’s also always worth it. Butcher Bar offers takeout, dine-in, and delivery as well as a fully-functional butcher sp (hence the name). You can even pick out your favorite steak from the case and have them prepare it for you. FANTASTIC. Plus I don’t feel terrible for eating the meat here because it’s locally sourced and grass-fed. Every day they mark on a chalkboard where their meat is coming from – that’s some farm-to-table goodness.


Burnt Brisket Ends (fore), Sweet Potatoes (aft), Pickles ‘n Slaw (aft-er)

Through the most delicious variety of trial and error, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best combo of items to get is the Porky’s Platter (1/4 lb each of pulled pork, pork belly, and ribs with your side of choice), plus a side of the burnt brisket ends. Their mac ‘n cheese is ace (I am an aficionado on the subject, do not argue), but the sweet potatoes are also phen-frickin-omenal so order a side of those too, you fatso.

What would go REALLY well with these delicious meats-n-stuff? Obviously an ice cold beer. Now, I have good news and bad news. Which would you like to hear first? I’ll decide for you.

Bad news: Butcher Bar doesn’t have a liquor license yet so they can’t serve you. Sorry.

Good News: It’s BYOB, so you can pick up a six-pack of your favorite brewskies and share with friends! Or not. Just drink them all by yourself and get wasted while you eat awesome BBQ. ABBQ, if you will.


Porky’s Platter: fatty pork belly, pulled pork with BBQ sauce, ribs, side of mac, bb corncakes

Butcher Bar is located at 37-07 30th Avenue in Astoria. Call ’em up at (718) 606-8140 to place an order. You will have literally no regrets.


One Comment on “Local Eats: Butcher Bar”

  1. […] In the quotidian universe, I don’t eat that much meat. It’s expensive and bad for the environment and not particularly great for your health in large quantities. But man, is BBQ the best treat ever in the history of treats or what? Every once in a while, I just like to shovel a sinfully giant amount of fall-off-the-bone, juicy, savory meat products right into my piehole. One of my new favorite joints in New York is Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Harlem – one of the best BBQ joints in the city, according to the Village Voice.  I (thankfully) have much more tasty ‘Q exploration to do before I release any kind of verdict, but I will say this: Dinosaur is entirely worth the hour-long wait it took to get in on a Wednesday night (though I’m not deserting my favorite LOCAL spot in Astoria, Butcher Bar!) […]

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