Lazy Sunday Link Roundup

Today’s Lazy Sunday Link Roundup is arbitrarily brought to you by the letter N. Here’s what I’ve been obsessing over on the internet for the past week.

This .gif from the Blowing Up Blog. It’s just so freaking cute! Click the link for deets on how to make these summer rolls.


Sophie Madeleine – I discovered this Brooklyn-based songbird whilst perusing the YouTubes last night. She writes ukulele-based pop music and is kind of adorbs. I am particularly enamored with her song “The Rhythm You Started”.

Herschel Supply Co – I bought one of their laptop cases for my MacBook Air last week and could not love it more even if it were a magical golden puppy rolling in glitter. Their designs are classic, simple, and made from quality materials, all weirdly hard to find in laptop cases. The orange Heritage backpack is next.

Hey! Look What I Made! – This. Thing. OMG. This DIY glittered MacBook case WILL be made by the end of this week. This blog appeals to my slightly ADD sense of humor and simultaneous adoration of anything glitter-related, including, but not limited to nail polish, furniture, animals, bike helmets, shoes, unicorns, etc.

Lazy girl out. Upcoming: fried goat cheese (inspired by my dear friend Meredith), homemade butter, and the results of a Dinosaur BBQ binge.


2 Comments on “Lazy Sunday Link Roundup”

  1. Maggie says:

    Just a few things: Love the animation, that ROCKS! also, Sophie Madeleine is so awesome. She’s my uke-inspiration monster. 🙂

    • Liz says:

      Sophie Madeleine is truly adorable! Makes me want to learn the ukulele…another project for another day. Thanks for the follow, by the way! Your blog is way sweet!

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