I’m Liz. I’m 24 and I am a New England-born, maniacal food lover transplanted in New York City.

I love food. Pretty much all food. If you put it in front of me, I’m almost definitely going to eat it. It’s more than a means to sustain your body – it can be a sinful pleasure, a vehicle to explore other cultures, a political statement, a crutch, a tradition, a treasured memory.

I’d Eat It is about creating awesome culinary experiences without spending a lot of money. Because New York is, like, really expensive. And being an adult kind of sucks sometimes and we don’t always have the dollars to throw down at Aquavit like we really want to. So we have to make mac ‘n cheese out of a box in our tiny kitchens. This blog is to make you think outside the blue box. Make your own damn mac ‘n cheese.

Here, you’ll find recipes, experiences, restaurant reviews, discoveries and the occasional personal post.

And hopefully it involves bacon at some point. Mmm yeah. Bacon.



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