Lazy Sunday Link Roundup

I don’t work a traditional weekends-off kind of job, but somehow Sundays still retain their laziness of days gone by. From those hazy college I-need-eggs-NOW-but-I-don’t-want-to-move Sunday mornings to the sweaty summertime cartoon and cereal marathons of my childhood, Sundays have always awakened my passion for very dramatically doing nothing. Sunday is the day of wasted opportunity.

In its honor, I officially bequeath Sunday as Link Roundup day — the easiest possible way to deliver a blog post with minimal effort.

Here are some of the most interesting links from around the web I’ve collected this week.

The Top Chef Cruise – So apparently you can take a 5-day cruise to the Caribbean with Gail Simmons and Tom Colicchio and a bunch of other stars from Top Chef while they cook for you and have Quickfire challenges and shit. Like, on a boat. In the water. I’m sorry, why has no one sent me my personal invitation to this event yet? Get on that.

The Super Secret Science Club – I wish I knew about this about a week earlier, because they just had a sweet lecture this week about sharks from a shark expert – and then they all watched Shark Week together. This is like a chemical explosion of nerd essence slash fun. Basically this group stages various science-based outings, lectures, and performances throughout New York City. A lot of them involve getting drunk while nerding out. All in favor say π!

This Pocky Cake – I about flipped my pink, glittery shit when I saw this Pocky Cake from SprinkleBakes. It tickles every girly Japanese fancy in my wee little body. Doesn’t the strawberry Pocky picket fence just look awesome? I have to try to make this cake!

The Bronx Zoo – My roommate, my boyfriend, and some friends are heading to the Bronx Zoo this Wednesday, and it will be my first time! While checking out their website I was delighted to learn that they have CAMEL RIDES. Camel. Rides. And also a monorail. And also a tiger made out of Legos. This excursion will likely end in soul food from Dinosaur BBQ, which makes me excited to an almost lustful extent. I just really love barbecue…

Scientists Freaking Out Over Mars Landing – This was more like two weeks ago, but it will NOT get old fast and is still totally worth sharing. Imagine you spent the last few years of your life perfecting the calculations for a nearly impossible feat that could all unravel if the tiniest fraction of a number was off by the slightest amount – and all your calculations were right? This is how I feel when I get the DVR to work right…

That’s my Lazy Sunday Link Roundup. In the coming week, look forward to strawberry cheesecake cupcakes and a potential new Paycheck Challenge. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter! @IWouldEatIt